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scream when you want me to stop.......i like it when you do that

The crocodile necklace

I look at it now
stashed between my seats
where you wouldn't find it
if you looked
I hid it there myself
as an excuse to come back in
and I knew you wouldn’t tell me
and of course you didn't
it only takes two seconds
to get naked in a bathroom
and for your jaw to drop
why do I do these things
I always ask myself after
what is wrong with me
I hold the necklace in my hand
and I want to say to it
it is all your fault
but I know it is mine

the faithless slut
the predator
has to look in the mirror at herself
she never likes what she sees
and she has to make excuses for herself

who am I really?
am I the things i do?
a sinner by choice?
or am I the things I feel
that no one will ever know but me?
or am I the thoughts I think
alone in my bed,
that no one would understand
and that I would have to back track
a lot to explain
and I don’t have the energy

your memories are all you have
some and most you are not proud of
But for some reason
I keep making them
in triplicate

but what does it matter?
Someday we will all feed the worms
and no one will care
what I thought
or felt
or did
I don’t think I will ever
make the history books

Bury me in my crocodile necklace.
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