Beldurnik (beldurnik) wrote in recycledthought,

So, this is the first post.

Welcome to the Recycled Thoughts LiveJournal.

Recycled Thoughts is a paper 'zine created by me, . It is ment to be a springboard for people who want to have their work published in one form or another. The material will be screned but as of yet there are not any strong guidelines.

To submit something to work you will be able to join this community and post you work here or there will be other methods to submit made availible soon. Don't worry, I will keep you posted.

As I build the website and the processes for how submitting will work you will also see information and updates here. Feel free to ask me questions and post your work here in the meantime.

All Writings/Images and such will be concidered.

Any questions let me know.

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